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Jamie Bamber Fan Art Picture


Welcome to Jamie Bamber Fan Art! This is a fan art site to the lovely Jamie Bamber. Here you can find wallpapers, calendars, avatars, signatures and collages especially of Jamie and his different film roles but also of "Battlestar Galactica" and "Law & Order: UK" with their wonderful actors.

You can use my works on other sites or on your desktop, but credit is very much appreciated. Please, don't download my works and don't use these for commercial purposes or for the sale. This is only a hobby and no commercial work of me.

The latest news and informations on Jamie as well as the latest images you will find on Jamie Bamber Fan.com. Feel free to look around!

Wallpaper - Matt Devlin 13


WP - Matt Devlin 13 - signed by Jamie Bamber

signed by Jamie Bamber


Jamie Bamber Fan Art is an unofficial fan site and is run solely for entertainment purposes. All pictures which I used remain copyright to their original owner. No infringement is intended. This site is in no way affiliated with Jamie Bamber or his management.

Wallpaper - Lee Adama 14


WP -Lee Adama 14 - signed by Jamie Bamber

signed by Jamie Bamber

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New Works - Jamie Bamber Fan Art

47 avatars - April 25, 2012
02 calendars - January 5, 2015
01 collage -
January 3, 2015
04 wallpapers - February 2, 2014
03 signatures - March 3, 2010

New Works - BSG Fan Art

22 avatars - August 8, 2010
07 calendars - January 6, 2011
06 wallpapers - June 2, 2013
12 signatures -January 24, 2010

New Works - L&O UK Fan Art

17 avatars - November 14, 2010
06 wallpapers - June 17, 2012

New Works - Miscellaneous

01 wallpaper -December 18, 2011

Wallpaper - Adama 6


WP - Adama 6 - signet by Edward james Olmos

signed by Edward James Olmos

Site Stats

Owner: Cassie (Christina)
Host: 1&1
Since: May 2007
Layout: Joomla51/Cassie

Wallpaper - Tigh 6


WP - Tigh 6 - signed by Michael Hogan

signed by Michael Hogan

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Jamie Bamber Fan - Twitter




Jamie bamber Fan Art - Logo

Jamie Bamber Fan

Your Source for Jamie Bamber

Please visit my Fan site!

Jamie Bamber Fan.comJamie



New Wallpapers of Jamie Bamber Print
Sunday, 15 April 2012 16:19

Here are my newest works, a wallpaper of Jamie Bamber as charming Aidan Welles on Body of Proof in four different colour styles. Make your choice and choose your favourite wallpaper. Enjoy!



1 wallpaper in different colour styles

AidanWelles-2-02-1 AidanWelles-2-02-2

AidanWelles-2-02-4 AidanWelles-2-02-3

For full size and size 1024 x768 px visit the gallery.


Happy Easter! Print
Saturday, 07 April 2012 19:50

I wish you all a very Happy Easter with many colourful eggs in the green grass or perhaps still in the snow. ;)


Happy Easter Everyone!!!



For full size visit the gallery. Enjoy!


Happy Birthday, Jamie Bamber!!! Print
Tuesday, 03 April 2012 13:34

Today is a special day. It's the birthday of a lovely and charming man, a very versatile and talented actor, but also a wonderful and very kind person, with an endearing smile and the most beautiful blue eyes. Jamie Bamber turns 39 years old today. YAY!!!


Happy Birthday, Jamie Bamber!

Have a very happy and fantastic day with your family and friends!

JB Birthday 2012

For full size look here in the gallery. Enjoy!


New Wallpapers of Jamie Bamber Print
Wednesday, 07 March 2012 20:54

This time I experimented a little bit with the colour filters of my graphics program.  Here are two new wallpapers of Jamie Bamber in different colour styles. One of them shows Jamie as Aidan Welles on Body of Proof. Enjoy!



2 wallpapers in different colours styles

AidanWelles-2-01-1 AidanWelles-2-01-2

JB-wp-71-2-2a JB-wp-71-2-1a

For full size and size 1024 x768 px visit the gallery.


February Calendars and Wallpapers of Jamie Bamber Print
Monday, 06 February 2012 21:04

The time has come again to change your wallpapers and calendars!

Here are my newest wallpapers of Jamie Bamber as DS Matt Devlin (Law & Order: UK), Lee "Apollo" Adama (Battlestar Galactica) and Archie Kennedy (Hornblower). Enjoy!



4 wallpapers

JB-wp-70-2 HB-Kennedy-8-2

MattDevlin-52-2 LeeAdama-53-2

For full size and size 1024 x768 px visit the gallery. Two of them are also available as calendars again. Look here!


First Wallpapers of Paul Nicholls as DS Sam Casey - Law & Order: UK Print
Monday, 30 January 2012 20:15

Here are my first wallpapers of Paul Nicholls as DS Samuel "Sam" Casey. He's the new guy
on Law & Order: UK.

Sam Casey is the replacement for Matt Devlin and now the new partner of Ronnie Brooks.



4 wallpapers

SamCasey_01 SamCasey_02

Casey&Brooks_01 SamCasey_03

For full size visit the Law & Order: UK gallery. Enjoy!


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